LSS Tariffs

Below are the various chapters of LSS Tariffs, which explain how LSS will compensate you for your services provided to clients.

This version of the LSS Tariffs applies to all contracts issued on or after April 27, 2015 (including contracts that replace pre-existing referrals migrated to LSS Online).

For information about the latest changes to LSS Tariffs, see the most recent Notices to Counsel and the tariff changes summary.

For billing, please go to LSS Online.

Before using any part of the guide, please read General Terms and Conditions (below), which apply to all tariffs. This chapter of the guide sets out the basic framework of your tariff contract and describes your responsibilities.

General Terms and Conditions






Appeals and Judicial Reviews

Duty Counsel (includes Circuit Counsel)

For a history of all tariff updates, please see our Archive.