Legal Aid BC values

Our vision, mission, and values statements guide our work and reflect our commitment to an integrated legal aid model.


Our vision is client-focused legal aid that ensures access to justice for all.


Our mission is to provide the legal aid services people need, and to promote better access to justice.

Our values

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We respect the people who use our services and strive to deliver services that improve their lives.

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Diversity and inclusion

We strive to provide services that respect the diversity of individuals, include disadvantaged communities, and affirm the dignity of people with low incomes without discrimination, to ensure that Legal Aid BC is considered respectful, inclusive, and accessible to all.

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We make principled decisions that earn the trust of the people who use our services, our staff, and the public.

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We spend public funds responsibly and our actions and processes are transparent.

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We promote improvements to the justice system that benefit all British Columbians.