Collaborative family law, mediation and arbitration in family law matters

Recorded on October 26, 2021

[1:26:05] A session from the 2021 Provincial Advocates Training Conference.

What is collaborative family law, mediation and arbitration?  How can each process be utilized to assist clients going through a separation, reduce conflict and help parties find solutions? This presentation explores the basis of collaborative family law, mediation and arbitration.  The session discussed how each can be useful as a dispute resolution tool, and when each process is most appropriate. The session also explored ways to support clients in preparation of and during these processes.


Presentation material (PDF download)


00:00 Introduction

02:43 Overview of alternative dispute resolution options

06:46 What is collaborative family law

08:09 When should you choose collaborative family law?

15:04 Overview and steps to mediation

44:24 What is arbitration?

49:18 What is mediation arbitration?

58:52 How to prepare clients for mediation

1:19:55 How to prepare clients for arbitration

1:21:55 When is mediation or mediation arbitration appropriate?



Karen Tse, Family lawyer & family law mediator, Rockies Law Corporation



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