Domestic violence and protection orders under the new Provincial Court Family Rules (February 10, 2022)

Recorded on February 10, 2022

[38:36] A session for community workers around the province.

Neena Randhawa, Coordinator Harmony House, and Taruna Agrawal, Lawyer at Rise Women’s Legal Centre, discussed protection orders under the New Provincial Court Rules. They reviewed the procedure and discussed how to complete the court forms. They also shared practical tips on how to gather evidence to help make these applications successful, and discussed peace bonds and conduct orders.

If you assist clients leaving abusive relationships, this is a session to listen to!


00:00 Introduction/session outline

01:00 Key terms from the Family Law Act

04:20 Options for someone experiencing family violence

12:10 Legislative intent of protection orders

14:08 Issues with protection orders

17:18 More on protection orders

17:58 Applying for protection orders

19:38 Whether to make a protection order – is your client an “at-risk” family member

20:41 Types of conduct orders

22:52 Q&A

30:22 Conduct orders vs protection orders

31:14 McKenzie Friends/Support Person

32:52 How to be an effective McKenzie Friend

34:18 Exclusive occupancy

35:48 Resources



Neena Randhawa, Coordinator of Harmony House. PICS

Taruna Agarwal, Lawyer, Rise Women’s Legal Centre



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