Helping clients with police complaints

Recorded on October 25, 2022


[29:38] This session provides information about, and approaches to, working on police complaints at different levels. The session covers complaints relating to municipal police departments and the RCMP, and focuses on how legal advocates may be able to assist clients through the complaints process. The session also looks critically at the complaints system and discuss potential reforms to the complaints system.


Presentation materials (PDF download)


0:00 Introduction

00:55 Legal structure of the RCMP

04:02 Complaint and review process

05:23 RCMP Code of Conduct v. Municipal Police Act

07:21 Use of force and credibility

11:00 How advocates can help

17:28 Body cameras

20:18 Reforming the Police Act



Doug King, Together Against Poverty Society


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Legal Aid BC:    

Family Law in BC:

Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC:  








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