Housing and natural disasters

Recorded on March 9, 2022

[1:25:16] This session focused on issues related to rental housing, particularly in light of recent natural disasters. Odette Dempsey-Caputo, senior lawyer at Elizabeth Fry Society Kamloops and Kelly Melynk, supervising lawyer TRU Law Clinic discussed residential tenancy law as the backdrop for a more detailed examination of housing issues facing British Columbians following the catastrophic climate occurrences of 2021. They examined what rights a tenant may have if forced from their rental, rights of manufactured home owners renting pads in manufactured home parks, legal remedies for tenants, and relief available for those facing loss of housing in light of natural disasters. This session did not focus on home owners or insurance policies.


Presentation materials (PDF download)


00:00 Introduction

02:34 Residential Tenancy Act

03:14 Frustration of tenancy agreement

09:24 If the property can be repaired

16:42 Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act

23:17 When repairs are required to your home

27:46 Legal remedies when navigating through natural disasters

31:30 Dispute resolution

34:10 When to apply for dispute resolutions

41:55 Q&A: What would be the remedy for clients who are refused access to their home on reserve?

45:52 If all or part of the rental unit cannot be used

48:16 Timelines to remember when disputing eviction notices

53:38 Resolving a dispute during a time of disaster

59:17 Serving and receiving documents during a dispute

1:04:22 Reasons to dispute

1:06:24 Resources: Rent bank

1:11:00 Resources: TRU Community Legal Clinic

1:13:50 Resources: Elizabeth Fry Legal Clinic

1:17:41 Resources: Tenancy Resources and Advisory Centre (TRAC)

1:19:14 Questions and wrap up



Kelly Melynk, Supervising lawyer, TRU Law Clinic

Odette Dempsey-Caputo, Senior lawyer, Elizabeth Fry Society Kamloops



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