Immigration: Navigating a complex system -- Vulnerable persons

Recorded on June 16, 2022


[2:00:19] This session focused on two groups of immigrants who are amongst the most vulnerable, migrant workers and victims of family violence. Kamaljit covered the rights and remedies of these immigrants to assist them in escaping abusive work places and abusive family relationships. She also provided case scenarios as examples to illustrate the steps individuals can take to remove themselves from unsafe circumstances and maintain immigration status.


Presentation materials (PDF download)


0:00 Introduction

05:24 Women fleeing violence

07:03 Definition of out of status or precarious status

09:12 Concerns for out of status women

12:44 Processes to help women navigate through the systems

18:11 Overview of expedited Temporary Resident Permit

39:15 Overview of Humanitarian & Compassion applications

1:12:12 Foreign workers

1:18:42 Overview of open work permit

1:26:57 Q&A



Kamaljit Lehal, lawyer and family law mediator, Lehal Law Corporation

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