Interactions of income assistance and other benefits

Recorded on October 27, 2022


[1:26:18] What happens when your client receives (or wants to apply for) more than one kind of income support benefit?  Can applying for one benefit jeopardize their eligibility for another?  Can they keep both benefits, or is one deducted from the other, and when? This session looks at the interaction of different benefits including:


  • Employment Insurance (including sickness and regular benefits);
  • welfare (including disability benefits);
  • Canada Pension Plan (retirement and disability benefits);
  • workers compensation benefits; and
  • Old age security (including GIS)


Presentation materials (PDF download)


0:00 Introductions

03:12 Overview of the most common benefits

08:00 Income or disability assistance

09:29 How the Ministry treat EI, CPP, child support and spousal support

19:00 How the Ministry treat workers compensation benefit

28:00 Scenario

34:55 PWD and CPP-D

44:39 Scenario

1:00:30 CPP-D and EI

1:06:58 CPP-D and disability assistance

1:16:38 CPP-D and workers compensation benefit

1:19:15 Q&A



Alison Ward, Community Legal Assistance Society

Kevin Love, Community Legal Assistance Society


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