Legal Aid BC online and third-party applications

[1:20:27] This workshop was presented by a Legal Aid Provincial Supervisor and the Intake Training/Online Applications Coordinator with commentary from the Rise Family Advocate Educator. 


The session walked advocates through the online applications process for family law, what Legal Aid BC looks for in applications, as well as eligibility reviews, and how to work with Legal Aid BC to ensure they are able to connect with all clients who are eligible for representation services.


Presentation materials (PDF download)


00:00 Overview of Legal Aid BC services

03:09 Applying for legal aid by phone

05:32 Applying for legal aid online

31:07 Family law coverage guidelines

49:58 CFCSA coverage guidelines

51:10 Financial eligibility

1:03:20 Financial discretionary coverage

1:10:02 Requesting a review of a denial decision

1:14:14 Working together with intake

1:18:30 Closing remarks



Andrea Bryson, Rise Women's Legal Centre

Kirk, Legal Aid BC

Shannon, Legal Aid BC

Adina Popescu, Legal Aid BC


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