Legal Aid BC services and free resources

Recorded on: May 18, 2022

[1:48:09] A session on Legal Aid intake services and resources. The session provided an overview of Legal Aid BC’s free legal advice and representation services. The speakers also provided an overview of free, plain language and trustworthy legal information resources and tools for a range of topics including child protection, family violence, wills, foreclosure, and criminal law.


Presentation materials (PDF download)


00:00 Introduction

05:58 Overview of intake

07:36 Overview of services

18:54 Coverage for criminal law issues

28:03 Coverage for family law issues

31:32 Coverage for child protection issues

34:28 When the family matter or CFCSA matter is in another province

36:12 Coverage for immigration issues

36:50 Financial guidelines

41:41 If a client is denied legal aid

42:19 Working together with intake

45:30 Overview of Parents Legal Centre

51:30 Eligibility for Parents Legal Centre services

53:38 Supporting clients with CFCSA files

55:49 Locations of Parents Legal Centre

59:59 Print resources

1:01:00 Readability levels

1:02:07 How to find and order free publications

1:03:47 Examples of publications

1:11:51 Video resources

1:14:00 Website resources

1:27:31 Other legal information & resources

1:30:43 Difference between legal information and legal advice

1:34:59 Ways to contact Legal Aid BC

1:35:15 Other resources

1:38:43 Scenarios

1:45:38 Closing



Deneen Garrett, Provincial Supervisor

Ram Sidhu, Parents Legal Centre Coordinator

Patricia Lim, Publications Production Coordinator

Adam Fraser, Publications Production Coordinator

Frances, Legal Information Outreach Worker



We have free publications that are available in multiple languages. You can download them as PDFs or order copies delivered to you. See what is available here:



Legal Aid BC:

Family Law in BC:


Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC:






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