The new Provincial Court Family Rules (February 2, 2022)

Recorded on February 2, 2022

[1:33:18] A session for community workers in the Lower Mainland.

This session shed light on the changes to the Provincial Court Family Rules. In December 2020, the Surrey and Victoria Provincial Court registries began a pilot project for Early Dispute Resolution for Family Law cases. This webinar talked about the pilot project and how it affects people involved in a family law case.


Presentation material (PDF download)


00:00 Introduction

03:10 Major objectives of the new Provincial Court Family Rules

06:40 Points to highlight about the new Provincial Court Family Rules

08:30 Where to file an application

10:05 Types of registries

15:25 Early Resolution Case & Management Model

18:16 Applying for orders (Part 3)

21:30 Family Management Conferences (Part 4)

29:12 Overview of applications for other orders: replacing notices of motion

35:50 Application about a protection order

42:17 Priority parenting orders

48:42 Application about a location

53:19 Application for case management orders

58:05 Application for consent orders

1:01:20 Family settlement conferences (Part 8)

1:03:43 Trial (Part 9)

1:12:30 Application about enforcement (Part 10)

1:15:45 Consequences: when there is non-compliance (Part 11)

1:17:14 Other general changes (Part 12)

1:27:20 Transition provisions

1:29:00 Closing



Chandan Sabharwal, Lawyer, Sabharwal Law Group

Tanya Thakur, Family Lawyer, Crossroads Law



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