Oral advocacy skills for tribunal hearings

Recorded on October 27, 2021

[2:07:51] A session from the 2021 Provincial Advocates Training Conference.

This session explored ways to help advocates build oral advocacy skills for tribunal hearings.


Presentation material (PDF download)


00:00 Introduction

02:19 The #1 rule

03:13 Key questions to ask

05:13 What do you and the client wish to achieve?

11:09 What are the key issues?

14:24 What is the law that applies?

17:18 What are your key legal principles?

19:24 What key points do you need to prove and do you have the evidence?

28:36 What is the theory of your case?

48:18 Organize your documents

58:02 Tips for preparing your case

1:05:55 Tips for clients

1:26:24 Write out your argument

1:34:18 Other tips

1:39:48 Scenarios

2:00:17 Final thoughts



Odette Dempsey-Caputo, Staff Lawyer, Kamloops Elizabeth Fry Legal Clinic


Elizabeth Fry Legal Clinic: https://kamloopsefry.com/#community-justice



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