Overview of child protection law and Parents Legal Centres (July 22, 2021)

Recorded on July 22, 2021


[56:43] An overview of the Parents Legal Centres and how they can help parents with child protection issues.


Presentation material: PDF download


00:00 Introduction/Acknowledgement

03:03 Introduction to the Parents Legal Centre

04:24 Where PLCs are located

08:10 PLCs help through a collaborative resolution process

09:30 Introducing the PLC team

13:32 How the PLCs help with child protection cases

38:40 PLC Network locations

42:00 What does the lawyer in the PLC do?

48:39 What does the Aboriginal Community Legal Worker do?

51:48 Best interest of the child

53:07 Contact information for PLC


Speaker: Brian Dybwad, Managing Lawyer, PLC Campbell River


Read more about the Parents Legal Centre - https://aboriginal.legalaid.bc.ca/child-family-rights/PLC



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MyLawBC: https://mylawbc.com/

Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC: https://aboriginal.legalaid.bc.ca/



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