Paths to resolution: Helping your clients under the new Provincial Court Family Law rules

Recorded on March 3, 2022

[1:49:22] In this session, Caroline Plant, lawyer at Plant and Co., and Suzette Narbonne, lawyer at Narbonne Law Office, discussed what your clients can expect under the new provincial court rules and ways to help them solve their legal problems without going to court. They worked through some scenarios to assist community workers in identifying the issues and help give the best information possible to clients.


Presentation materials (PDF download)


00:00 Introduction

02:57 Session overview

05:18 Goals of family law rules

12:53 Changes in the Provincial Court Family Rules

17:12 Designation of registries

31:31 Priority parenting matters

40:43 Protection orders

50:08 Relocation

53:17 Consent orders

57:58 New orders and changing existing orders or agreements

1:04:17 New lingo and processes

1:15:10 Resolving family matters out of court

1:24:18 Scenarios

1:45:54 Wrap up



Caroline Plant, lawyer, Plant and Co.

Suzette Narbonne, lawyer, Narbonne Law Office



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