Refugee claims: eligibility requirements and admissibility issues

Recorded on July 26, 2022

[1:32:01] This webinar focuses on the refugee process from the importance of a Basis of Claim to Preparation for the Hearing. Topics include: admissibility criteria, ways to initiate and withdraw a claim, credibility, work permit, internal Flight Alternative (IFA), and options when a claim is refused.


Presentation materials (PDF download)


0:00 Introduction

06:41 Who is a refugee?

14:40 Who cannot make a refugee claim?

17:17 Convention Refugees and a Person in Need of Protection

21:53 Who can make a claim?

22:50 Making a claim from outside of Canada

28:29 Different ways of initiating a claim

34:22 Importance of Basis of Claim

40:12 Claim’s requirements

41:34 Credibility

49:10 Work permit

53:55 Q&A

1:03:40 Withdrawing a claim

1:07:00 Internal Flight Alternative (IFA) & result

1:10:18 Refugee Appeal Division

1:14:55 Federal Court

1:21:08 Closing



Prabh Sangha, lawyer, Lehal Law Corporation

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