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Residential tenancy law: COVID-19 and changes in the law (July 15, 2021)

[1:33:37] This session provided an overview of the law relating to residential tenancy issues, while also addressed some of the common issues that have arisen throughout COVID-19. It also reviewed some of the recent changes to the law and some practice pointers for those assisting clients through the Residential Tenancy Branch dispute resolution process.

Presentation material: PDF download

00:00 Introduction

02:50 TRU Community Legal Clinic

07:20 Common residential tenancy issue - evictions

13:20 Neighbour disputes and quiet enjoyment

21:38 Q&A – What to do when the landlord’s son is entering a client’s unit

23:14 Q&A – Will there be changes in the law due to extreme heat?

23:53 Q&A – Ways to inform landlord of issues

25:00 Q&A – Community Legal Clinic’s area of service

26:44 Q&A – What to do when a landlord is peering in windows?

29:41 Q&A – Does the Residential Tenancy Act apply if the landlord is the roommate?

30:32 Q&A – Can evidence be shared between landlord/tenant through email?

31:35 Quiet enjoyment (continued)

33:30 Repairs

37:08 Q&A – Will there be changes in the law due to extreme heat? (continued)

40:04 Q&A – Ways to address issues that arise in an independent living situation

41:18 Q&A – Bedbugs and cockroaches in the unit

43:52 Q&A – Will there be a change in legislation to compel landlords to allow pets?

45:42 Q&A – If there is no tenancy agreement, can the landlord unilaterally impose new fees?

47:46 Emergency repairs, landlord entry

51:09 Q&A – What to do when the landlord’s son is entering a client’s unit (continued)

51:38 – New legislative changes and COVID-19

1:06:10 Q&A - Right of first refusal for tenants

1:07:30 Q&A – Can advance notice for landlord entry be given more than 30 days in advance?

1:08:07 Q&A - Right of first refusal for tenants (continued)

1:09:11 Q&A – Can a landlord give a 2 or 3 months notice for cause?

1:11:22 COVID-19 related problems with co-tenants and units with multiple tenancy agreements

1:19:17 Q&A – How to manage disputes between strata management and landlords

1:20:40 – COVID-19 and new protocols

1:30:10 Q&A – How can we help clients send documents to the Residential Tenancy Branch?

1:31:33 Wrap up


Speaker: Kelly Melnyk, supervising lawyer, Community Legal Clinic, Thompson Rivers University

Community Legal Clinic: https://www.tru.ca/law/students/outreach/Legal_Clinic.html



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