Update on Indigenous class actions

Recorded on October 26, 2022


[1:18:51] This webinar provides an updated overview on various class action suits that could be relevant to your clients.  The speakers focused on the Sixties Scoop class action, the Federal Indian Day School class action, and Aftercare.  The Sixties Scoop application process closed in August 2019, but it is only now being finalized.  The Federal Indian Day School class action is still an open class action, as the extended deadline goes to January 13, 2023.  The speakers explained the Extension request form and talked about how it's important to focus on mental health, both for clients and for clinicians who are working on these claims.  Lastly, when the file is closed there is still plenty of work to do for our clients.  The speakers called it Aftercare and they discussed what that looks like from the perspective of the ICLC.


Presentation materials (PDF download)


0:00 Introductions

02:48 Sixties Scoop Class Action

10:45 Federal Indian Day School Class Action settlement (FIDSCAS)

41:48 Submission extension for FIDSCAS

45:09 Letter of Administration (for individuals applying for a deceased relative)

54:18 Time estimates

57:34 Mental health for advocates

1:01:03 Aftercare (post submission)

1:12:19 Mental health services



Gloria Cardinal, Indigenous Community Legal Clinic

Russell Nesbitt, Indigenous Community Legal Clinic


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