Using sworn documents

Recorded on October 27, 2022


[51:08] A session that presents information about how to best use sworn documents in administrative law cases. This session focuses on the dos and don’ts of sworn documents and when to use them most effectively. Statutory declarations and affidavits can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Clients often struggle with effectively communicating their story, a sworn document not only helps clients communicate the story but also allows the arbitrator to better understand the case.


Presentation materials (PDF download)


0:00 Introductions

00:52 What are sworn documents

02:00 When should you use them

03:31 Why should you use them

05:45 Who should you use them for

08:30 How do you create them

21:26 Tips to keep in mind

31:49 Practice exercise



Jonathan Blair, Community Legal Assistance Society


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