Wills and Estates (June 29, 2021)

Recorded on June 29, 2021

Presentation material: PDF download

Free resource to create a will: https://mylawbc.com/paths/wills/

Resources for wills and estate on reserve: Legal Aid BC's publications

This session focused on incapacity, death and the blended family. It considered issues that may arise for individuals while preparing wills and other personal planning documents, such as Powers of Attorneys and Representation Agreements when there are complicated family structures in place.

0:00 Introduction

2:41 Preamble - what is considered "blended family"?

04:10 Session outline

05:31 Type of documents for personal planning

6:21 Overview of Power of Attorney

8:53 What are the powers of an Attorney?

9:53 Representation Agreement s.9 - when the adult has full capacity

14:00 Representation Agreement s.7 - when the adult has borderline capacity

17:10 Fact pattern - a journey of personal planning

20:17 MyLawBC - a free resource to make a will

21:45 Tips for making a will

26:08 Executing a will

27:00 Limitations of MyLawBC

29:44 Questions and resources when an individual passes

32:54 Capacity - capacity is fluid

37:55 Capacity - undue influence

40:10 Recap

41:31 Wills and estate on reserve

Sonali Sharma, lawyer, Athena Law
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