Wills and estates (March 1, 2022)

Recorded on March 1, 2022

[1:05:12] Lawyer Sonali Sharma looks at death and the common legal issues people face when a loved one dies. Sonali also covers incapacity planning as well as what happens when a living person is unable to make financial, health or legal decisions on their own.


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00:00 Session overview

03:01 Introduction to death and incapacity

08:45 Types of documents needed: Power of Attorney

15:42 Capacity defined

18:59 Types of documents needed: Representation Agreement s.9

25:57 Types of documents needed: Representation Agreement s.7

29:30 Types of documents needed: Will

46:57 What happens when someone dies without a will

51:16 Death checklist

53:17 Q&A



Sonali Sharma, lawyer, Athena Law



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