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Training videos


Provincial Training Conference 2020

[1:57:07] An update on new public legal education and information resources at Legal Aid BC.
[1:30:15] A plenary session with speakers from the Office of the Ombudsperson about their role, their power, their process, and their consultation and training team's proactive work with public bodies.
[1:58:36] An update on family case law relevant to the work of advocates by a lawyer familiar with the work of advocates.
[1:14:11] A session on COVID-19 changes and updates on issues such as evictions.
[1:43:33] An important update on EI and CERB.
[1:45:21]  Key Legislative and Procedural changes of 2020, such as legislative changes in: income assistance; COVID-19 supplements; EI/CERB; housing - evictions and other issues, including the challenges of clients who signed up for the wrong benefits.
[1:52:26]  Why is the Mental Health Act so bad and what can we do about it? This session is about Health Justice's three-year project to support law reform that promotes human rights principles and evidence-based health practices.
[1:59:25]  Updates from the Law Foundation and Legal Aid BC about the work of their organizations over the past year. Update from BC's Human Rights Commissioner about the Commission's work over the past year and issues the Commission will be addressing.


BC Housing and Tenancy Law Updates

[1:18:59] Lawyers from TRAC, Atria Women's Resource Society, and CLAS discuss residential tenancy legislation and policy updates, and case law updates.
[24:32] Lawyer Zuzana Modrovic (TRAC) explains the legislative and policy guideline updates in BC's Residential Tenancy Act.
[25:24] Lawyer Amber Prince (Atira Women's Resource Society) discusses the systemic problems with information and privacy in tenancies.
[28:46] Lawyer Danielle Sabelli (CLAS) provides an update on case law (court cases are binding on the RTB). She covers renovictions, permits, good faith, and RTB hearings.


BC Family Law: Case law updates

[1:24:19] Reviews updates in British Columbia Family Law case law. Lawyer Agnes Huang covers separation, parental responsibilities, best interests of the child, and more.
[13:30] Lawyer Agnes Huang (Saltwater Law) discusses case law on date of separation and restraint on asset disposal.
[3:35] Lawyer Agnes Huang (Saltwater Law) discusses case law on parents accessing their child's medical records.
[15:06] Lawyer Agnes Huang (Saltwater Law) discusses case law on 37(2) of the FLA, best interests of the child.