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Training videos


Provincial Advocates Training Conference 2021

[1:23:58] What is the interaction between various benefits available during the pandemic, and how can advocates help client apply for the right one?
[1:18:11] Learn strategies to help clients who owe money for federal benefits.
[1:24:59] A high level update on housing issues, and recent changes to EI and Canada Recovery Benefits in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.
[2:02:47] The Federal Indian Day School Class Action is an ongoing class action between Indian Day School Survivors and the Government of Canada. This session prepares you for assisting your clients to apply for the Federal Indian Day School Class Action Settlement, (FIDSCAS).


Recorded webinars, 2021

[1:34:04] There are a number of free and pro bono resources on family law and mediation, and this was a session to learn more about them. Where do they overlap and where do they diverge? Featuring speakers from Legal Aid BC, Access Pro Bono Society of BC, and Mediate BC.
[1:07:01] Access Pro Bono provides a wide range of legal services across the province, including a free lawyer referral service and several pro bono programs. This session discusses their programs and how to connect people who need their services to Access Pro Bono.
[1:31:48] Explains Elder Law and how it intersects with other areas of the law in ways that that affect seniors in BC. Examines the unique challenges that face seniors and those who help seniors when they interact with the legal system.
[56:43] The managing lawyer of the Campbell River Parents Legal Centre gives an overview of the PLCs and how they can help parents with child protection issues.
[1:35:42] Deanna Okun-Nachoff, a respected immigration lawyer in Canada, shares some of key immigration policy changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
[44:52] This session focuses on incapacity, death and the blended family. It considers issues that may arise for individuals while preparing wills and other personal planning documents, such as Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements, when there are complicated family structures in place.
[1:08:08] A review of Legal Aid BC's areas of coverage; financial eligibility requirements; application process; publications; websites; and materials available in multiple languages.
[1:30:27] Lawyer Kamaljit Lehal reviews the two key immigration pathways to help women regularize their status and obtain permanent resident status in Canada. She reviews case scenarios to help the audience get a real and practical understanding of how to help women with no status or precarious status in Canada flee violence.


BC Housing and Tenancy Law Updates

[1:33:37] An overview of the law relating to residential tenancy issues and some of the common issues that have arisen throughout COVID-19. A review of recent changes to the law and some practice pointers for those assisting clients through the Residential Tenancy Branch dispute resolution process.


Provincial Training Conference 2020

[1:37:49] A webinar focused on the connection between boundaries and self care and burn-out prevention.
[56:00] An overview of benefits available to clients providing kinship care.
[1:36:58] Advice from an expert in EI about preparing for appeals to the Social Security Tribunal.