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Training videos


Family Law in BC for Settlement Workers

[15:12] Lawyer Hannah DeJong explains alternatives to court including mediation; costs of court, and more in BC Family Law.
[2:55] Lawyer Hannah DeJong showcases websites, free booklets, and more about BC Family Law.


Legal Resources for Settlement Workers in BC

[1:13:47] Free legal resource organizations, websites, publications, and more for BC community and settlement workers.
[9:46] The Rise Women’s Legal Centre helps women who don't have lawyers.
[11:58] How the PLC supports parents with child protection issues.
[9:30] Veenu Saini introduces the Law Foundation of BC to community workers and settlement workers in BC.
[11:10] Andrew Sakamoto on TRAC’s focus, advocacy, tenant infoline, and more.
[14:28] Heather Wojcik on Access Pro Bono resources including free legal advice clinics, refugee and immigration clinics, and more.
[9:38] Kathryn McCart on People’s Law School resources, free public classes, booklets, and more.
[6:16] Lali Pawa explains the JES: improving access to justice for all BC residents, through multilingual websites and services.


Legal Aid BC's Online Resources

[53:41] MyLawBC is a website that provides free tools to identify, manage, and resolve legal issues in BC.
[21:35] MyLawBC's online Family Resolution Centre helps separating parents make a parenting plan, with free mediation if needed.
[4:31] Find out how to use MyLawBC to make your will. Completing the "Make a Will" online pathway. How to check your situation to know if a MyLawBC will is right for you.
[3:52] Find out how to order free publications about the law by using the Crown Publications website.
[5:58] Overviews the Dialogue Tool on Legal Aid BC's MyLawBC website. The Dialogue Tool helps separating couples make a Separation Agreement.


BC Supreme Court Tutorials for Workers and Clients

[4:31] An overview of the steps leading up to a Supreme Court family law trial, including scheduling, attending a Trial Management Conference, and handling documents.