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Training videos


Legal Aid BC's Online Resources

[21:35] MyLawBC's online Family Resolution Centre helps separating parents make a parenting plan, with free mediation if needed.
[4:31] Find out how to use MyLawBC to make your will. Completing the "Make a Will" online pathway. How to check your situation to know if a MyLawBC will is right for you.
[3:52] Find out how to order free publications about the law by using the Crown Publications website.


BC Supreme Court Tutorials for Workers and Clients

[4:31] An overview of the steps leading up to a Supreme Court family law trial, including scheduling, attending a Trial Management Conference, and handling documents.
[7:31] Provides information on using documents as evidence in a Supreme Court family law trial and how to introduce exhibits both with and without a witness.
[5:26] Gives tips for using witnesses as evidence in a Supreme Court family law trial, including choosing your witnesses, planning your questions, and the procedure at trial.
[5:29] Describes how to prepare your spoken testimony, present it in Supreme Court, and respond to questions from the judge and the other party.
[4:28] Provides information for the day you go to court, including what to bring and how to navigate the courthouse. Also shows what the inside of a Supreme Court family courtroom looks like, and describes the roles of those present.