Training videos


Provincial Training Conference 2020

[1:37:49] A webinar focused on the connection between boundaries and self care and burn-out prevention.
[56:00] An overview of benefits available to clients providing kinship care.
[1:36:58] Advice from an expert in EI about preparing for appeals to the Social Security Tribunal.
[1:52:57] A session for advocates to discuss these issues with one another and some resource people. Includes issues such as waiting for applications and process issues.
[1:44:44] Information from a long-time housing advocate at TRAC about how best to prepare for, and present at RTB Arbitrations.
[1:24:21] Practical information about how to help clients prepare for court. Issues such as identifying the topics to address and best evidence to support the client's case will be discussed. 
[1:05:01] A session about how important benefit programs interact (e.g.  welfare, PWD, CPP-D, EI, CRB, OAS, GIS). For new and intermediate level advocates.
[1:05:01] Understanding welfare overpayment allegations, helping clients to respond and dispute, and how to work effectively with the Ministry's Prevention and Loss Management Services ("PLMS") branch.::
[1:41:12] Information from an advocate who works extensively with MHPs about common issues and effective approaches for supporting clients.
[1:16:39]  A presentation by the staff lawyer working on sexual harassment issues in a project at CLAS. 
[1:46:38] Information about the principles of procedural fairness, how to recognize violations of procedural fairness, and how to deal with such situations, for advocates who are representing clients in administrative hearings. 
[1:41:17] Updates about major changes coming to the Provincial Court's family law rules, process, forms, and programs, and about the early resolution process and expedited court process available for people applying for a suspension or change to child support or spousal support as a result of a change in income related to COVID-19.
[58:25] An overview from a CLAS staff lawyer about his research into the law around co-op housing. 
[1:49:10] An experienced family law lawyer discusses best practices and strategies for drafting affidavits.
[1:48:58] Update on Indigenous legal issues from lawyer Frances Rosner.
[48:02] The Dos and Don’ts of sworn documents and when to use them most effectively. Statutory declarations and affidavits can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Our clients often struggle with effectively communicating their story - sworn documents change this.