Legal Aid BC is closed September 30, 2022, for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Training videos


Recorded webinars, 2022

[1:32:01] Lawyer Prabh Sangha discusses the refugee process, from the importance of a Basis of Claim to preparing for the hearing.
[2:00:19] Lawyer Kamaljit Lehal focuses on migrant workers and victims of family violence, two vulnerable groups of immigrants.
[1:48:09] An overview of Legal Aid BC’s free legal advice and representation services, and free legal information resources and tools for topics including child protection, family violence, wills, foreclosure, and criminal law.
[1:50:27] What a representation agreement is, the different types of representation agreements, what people need to think about when making one, and what happens when a client cannot execute a representation agreement.
[1:25:16] Lawyers Odette Dempsey-Caputo and Kelly Melynk discussed residential tenancy law as the backdrop for a more detailed examination of rental housing issues facing British Columbians following the catastrophic climate occurrences of 2021.
[1:49:22] Lawyers Caroline Plant and Suzette Narbonne discussed what clients can expect under the new provincial court rules and ways to help them solve their legal problems without going to court.
[1:05:12] Lawyer Sonali Sharma looks at death and the common legal issues people face when a loved one dies; incapacity planning; and what happens when a living person is unable to make financial, health or legal decisions on their own.
[1:56:46] Jeff Speed, Managing Lawyer for the Parents Legal Centre in Surrey, examined the court process for child protection cases and explained what the legislation allows the Ministry to do and what it cannot do without a court order. Jeff also discussed out of court cases, including safety plans and voluntary care agreements.
[1:18:35] This session for community workers around the province covered various legal issues and processes that arise from disaster situations like wildfires, floods, or pandemics. We went over when a lawyer can (or must) assist and what other measures of assistance can be identified and supported by community workers within the Province of BC.