Training videos


Provincial Advocates Training Conference 2022

[1:23:52] A discussion on the intersection of family, criminal and immigration law.
[1:03:00] How to run an ID clinic, the challenges you might encounter, and how to deal with them.
[2:05:36] A survey of important family law cases from the last year.
[51:08] How to best use sworn documents in administrative law cases. The dos and don’ts of sworn documents and when to use them most effectively.
[1:27:09] A session that discusses subsidized housing, specifically on rent increases and contracts.
[1:26:18] A presentation and discussion about strategies for working with a lawyer to develop your best case for a judicial review.
[1:23:54] A review of employment issues that may arise for your clients, and a discussion of how to recognize appropriate responses.
[1:26:18] How to identify issues of unequal division of property, excluded property, interim distribution of property, and resources to refer clients to for legal advice on property issues.
[1:08:04] Information about best practices for handling 12-month rent claims.
[1:26:18] Looks at the interaction of different benefits including Employment Insurance, welfare, Canada pension plan, workers compensation, and Old age security (including GIS).
[1:38:03] An overview of best practices in child protection.
[1:46:32] Best practices in service delivery with clients, and self-care to assist advocates to work more effectively with difficult situations.
[1:18:51] An updated overview on various class action suits: the Sixties Scoop class action, the Federal Indian Day School class action, and Aftercare. 
[55:20] An update on EI and other related federal benefits.
[1:18:19] Information about the issues arising in cases in which a landlord increases rent to cover capital expenditures, including what to watch out for and how to help clients dealing with such cases.
[59:39] An overview of recent residential tenancy case law and discussion of procedural issues.