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Provincial Advocates Training Conference 2021

[17:58] An update for family law advocates on significant cases in BC from over the past year (2020-2021) that are relevant to their work.
[1:15:15] An update for family law advocates on significant cases from over the past year (October 2020-October 2021) that are relevant to their work.
[1:50:45] Focuses on the importance of personal belongings and the challenges tenants face with retrieving their personal belongings after they have been evicted from their homes. Also discusses successful strategies to assist tenants with recovering their personal belongings.
[43:42] This session discusses vaccination and family law.
[1:05:10] Reflections and updates from the Office of the BC Human Rights Commission.
[2:07:51] Explores ways to help advocates build oral advocacy skills for tribunal hearings.
[1:18:13] Explains how to help family law clients read financial statements and business statements.
[1:26:05] Explores the basics of collaborative family law, mediation and arbitration. Discusses how each can be useful as a dispute resolution tool, and when each process is most appropriate. 
[2:034:57] ​​​​​​​Provides a high-level overview of debt-related legal issues and resources. Looks more specifically at how to deal with calls from collection agents, limitation periods, and rights and remedies that apply when debts are being enforced.
[1:36:24] Discussing some best practices in service delivery, including communication practices, interviewing skills, creating collaborative environments with clients, and self-care to assist advocates to work more effectively with difficult situations. The session also considered strategies to respond to challenging issues such as psychosis, intoxication, and high-conflict clients.
[1:57:33] ​​​​​​​A panel presentation of interesting welfare cases and decisions from the past year. Includes an administrative underpayment, a denial for support and shelter benefits, and a crisis supplement, as well as an EAAT decision about an administrative underpayment and an interesting initial application by someone who was also executor of an estate.
[43:35] Discusses preserving property in family law matters through the land title office or the Supreme Court.
[1:05:34] ​​​​​​​Discusses who needs to complete a financial statement and when, how a financial statement can be requested, and how a financial statement can be enforced.
[29:39] ​​​​​​​This is the presentation portion of session on CPP-D.
[1:37:35] An interactive session assessing a scenario to spot the human rights issues and complete a human rights complaint form. The session goes over learning the requirements of different parts of the complaint form as well as answers to some commonly-asked questions
October 18, 2021 [1:06:23] Explores ways to help advocates address discrimination issues and choose the appropriate venue for human rights complaints. Provincial Advocates Training Conference 2021.