Training videos


Provincial Training Conference 2020

[1:16:39]  A presentation by the staff lawyer working on sexual harassment issues in a project at CLAS. 
[1:46:38] Information about the principles of procedural fairness, how to recognize violations of procedural fairness, and how to deal with such situations, for advocates who are representing clients in administrative hearings. 
[1:41:17] Updates about major changes coming to the Provincial Court's family law rules, process, forms, and programs, and about the early resolution process and expedited court process available for people applying for a suspension or change to child support or spousal support as a result of a change in income related to COVID-19.
[58:25] An overview from a CLAS staff lawyer about his research into the law around co-op housing. 
[1:49:10] An experienced family law lawyer discusses best practices and strategies for drafting affidavits.
[1:48:58] Update on Indigenous legal issues from lawyer Frances Rosner.
[48:02] The Dos and Don’ts of sworn documents and when to use them most effectively. Statutory declarations and affidavits can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Our clients often struggle with effectively communicating their story - sworn documents change this.
[1:50:37] Eligibility criteria for the Canada Child Benefit (CTB), the applicable review and appeal processes, and relevant caselaw. Presenters discuss CTB cases they have worked on at the review and appeal stages, and share documents, tips, and strategies for assisting clients with CTB eligibility issues. 
[1:05:58] An overview of foreclosures and how they affect tenants.
[1:04:14] A session about client interviewing and intake, to help advocates ensure that their information is complete and accurate. The speakers role play a client intake interview using an interview template and an interview method specific to family law, followed by a debrief and discussion with attendees.
[1:03:51] A session for new advocates to work on housing case studies with experts in the field to learn how to identify issues and do effective, relevant legal research and statutory interpretation. Some familiarity with the Residential Tenancy Act, Regulation, Policy Guidelines and Rules of Procedure will be beneficial.
[1:48:12] CASL lawyer Alison Ward and other senior advocates discuss some of their recent cases and lessons learned.
[1:26:27] Information for new advocates, from two advocates who have been doing this work for a long time. Addresses issues such as government relations, community outreach, professional responsibility, and file management.
[1:38:32] John-Paul E. Boyd QC (of the wiki book and many other social media information sources) talks about the new Divorce Act and how it will affect your clients.
[1:45:21] A session about the 7 new legal clinics funded by the Law Foundation and the Province of BC, as well as services provided by other clinics such as the Child and Youth Legal Centre.
[1:57:07] An update on new public legal education and information resources at Legal Aid BC.