New DivorceMate pay-per-use accounts

It has been brought to Legal Aid BC’s attention that creating new DivorceMate pay-per-use accounts is no longer possible on the platform.
Family lawyer making a divorce document on a computer.

We have confirmed with DivorceMate that pay-per-use is still available to Legal Aid BC clients; however, there is a new process in place to create new pay-per-use accounts.

If you need to create a new DivorceMate pay-per-use account for a legal aid client, you must contact Steve Krieger directly via email at or telephone at 604-222-3582 to be granted access to a pay-per-use account. Please note that existing DivorceMate pay-per-use accounts should not be affected by this change.

When opening a new file for a legal aid client under a pay-per-use account, you will need to input the client’s LABC contract number (RXXXXXXXXX) in order to receive the $50 legal aid rate. If this step is missed and you were charged the non-legal aid rate, please contact DivorceMate via phone at 416-718-3461 ext. 416 or email at to request an adjustment.