Gladue Submission Guide

Gladue Submission Guide

Plain language guide for Indigenous peoples, lawyers, and Native courtworkers about how to prepare an oral or written Gladue submission for a bail, sentencing, or inmate hearing. The guide explains:

  • Gladue principles
  • what happens at a hearing
  • what’s in a Gladue submission
  • where to get help

Includes worksheets to gather information to prepare a Gladue submission. The worksheets in the PDF have fillable fields for you to enter your information directly into the document and save it.

See also: Gladue and You, Gladue at Bail and Sentencing (infographic poster), Gladue Report Guide, and What Are First Nations/Indigenous Courts?

Find out more about Aboriginal legal rights in BC on the Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website.

This publication is for people who are comfortable reading and may have some legal knowledge.

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