Guide for the Legal Review of Gladue Reports

Guide for the Legal Review of Gladue Reports

Describes the approach taken by the Legal Aid BC Gladue Program up until March 31, 2021, when Legal Aid BC ceased to operate its program and provincial responsibility for Gladue reports shifted to the BC First Nations Justice Council.

Provides a set of guidelines for lawyers who review Gladue reports for legal accuracy before reports are submitted at bail and sentencing hearings for Indigenous people. The guide describes:

  • what a Gladue report is
  • the judge's duties at sentencing and bail
  • what legal reviewers should look for when reviewing Gladue reports to ensure the judge has enough information to fulfill their duties

Also includes a checklist for the legal review of Gladue reports and a bibliography of legislation, cases, publications, and online sources.

This publication is for people who are familiar with legal concepts.

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