Your Welfare Rights: Applying for Welfare Online

Your Welfare Rights: Applying for Welfare Online

This fact sheet is about how to apply for welfare online, using your computer or mobile phone. It gives an overview of the three stages involved:

A. Register
B. Apply
C. Follow-up — What happens next

It explains the steps you follow at each stage:

  • Create a My Self Serve (MySS) account and Basic BCeID
  • Log in to your account and create a service request
  • Complete and submit your application
  • Upload documents the ministry needs
  • Check on your application status

The fact sheet expands on information printed in the booklet How to Apply for Welfare, which also describes how you can apply by phone or at ministry offices. The fact sheet and booklet are both part of the series Your Welfare Rights.

Some of the information in this series may be out of date. We’ll have information about updates as soon as possible.

This resource is in clear language for people who don’t know about the law.

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