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Your Welfare Rights: When You're on Welfare

Your Welfare Rights: When You're on Welfare

Rules and responsibilities

COVID-19 Support for Income & Disability Assistance

New emergency measures are in place for people on income assistance or disability assistance and seniors with low incomes. See the BC government website for details. See also Welfare and benefits Q&A on the Family Law in BC website.

This plain language booklet tells you what you need to know when you're on welfare, including:

  • what the ministry might ask you to do and how you might do those things,
  • what might happen if you don't follow the ministry's rules,
  • income and assets you can have and still get welfare,
  • your employment-related responsibilities, and
  • how to appeal a ministry decision.

It also includes where to get help if you have a problem getting your welfare payment.

When You're on Welfare is the third booklet in the series Your Welfare Rights. The other booklets are How to Apply for Welfare and Welfare Benefits. The series replaces the booklet Your Welfare Rights: A Guide to BC Employment and Assistance.

See also: Income Assistance on Reserve in British Columbia

Your Welfare Rights — September 2019 Update

This online fact sheet gives general information about changes to some welfare rules since the booklets in the Your Welfare Rights series were published. The fact sheet describes changes that are now in effect, and lists changes that might not be in effect until early 2020.

This publication is for people who are comfortable reading and may have some legal knowledge.

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