Musqueam welcome for new LSS board chair

Celeste with Elders

In honour of Celeste Haldane's appointment as the Legal Services Society's (LSS) new board chair and to acknowledge her Aboriginal Heritage, Musqueam elders conducted a welcoming ceremony at her first board meeting on May 18, 2017.

Elder Larry Grant thanked LSS for honouring Celeste (who is from the Sparrow family of the Musqueam First Nation) with the chair appointment.

"Her journeying has come a long way from being an undergrad at the University of British Columbia (UBC) to becoming a law school graduate then becoming today the chief treaty commissioner and also on the board of governors of UBC and now the chair of the Legal Services Society, " he said. "It is really something to see that happen and to be recognized by the Legal Services Society for the value of Indigenous people."

Celeste said she appreciated the support of her community and the board and staff at LSS. She also said it was an important time for Aboriginal people with "society looking at and reflecting upon the place and space for Indigenous people."

To find about more about Celeste and the rest of the board, see Our board of directors.

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