What You Need to Know About Legal Aid Work

What You Need To Know About Legal Aid Work

What You Need to Know About Legal Aid Work is a comprehensive reference tool that’s an important part of the on-boarding process for the 100 or so new lawyers we welcome each year.

It’s also a useful quick reference tool for long-term tariff lawyers to learn more about legal aid services, contracts, and resources.

The guide explains how lawyers can sign up to work with Legal Aid BC (LABC). It addresses the following topics, with links to more information on the LABC website:

  • LABC structure, governance, and services;
  • Getting an LABC vendor number;
  • Using the Lawyer Portal;
  • Getting contracts and using the LABC Tariffs;
  • Quality assistance (professional development and resources for lawyers);
  • Audits and complaints;
  • Client eligibility and applications;
  • Contracts, choice of counsel, and change of counsel;
  • Client confidentiality and freedom of information;
  • LABC services by area of law, and
  • Client resources (publications, websites, in person, other community resources).

This publication is also available in PDF under the Practice resources section of the Lawyer Portal. If you have any questions or comments about this guide, please contact Lawyer Services at lawyer.​support@​legalaid.​bc.​ca or 604-601-6155.