Tenant Survival Guide

Tenant Survival Guide

Answers tenants' questions about renting in BC. It covers how to get a landlord to do repairs, how to get a damage deposit back, when a tenant can be legally evicted, how to fight a rent increase, and how to work out problems with a landlord. It contains expanded information about bailiffs, changes to the rules about disclosing personal information, and tenants' rights to the return of security deposits.

The guide was updated in February 2021 and is available as an online wikibook on the TRAC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre's website.

Renting It Right is a free online course for tenants created by TRAC and the Justice Education Society. It’s designed for first-time renters and covers practical and legal topics to consider before deciding to rent.

This resource is for people who are comfortable reading and may have some legal knowledge.

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