Announcing our new name and logo

While there is still much uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, we’d like to share some positive changes we’ve made at the organization, though unrelated to direct legal aid services (you can read about pandemic service changes here.)

We’ve quietly adopted the name Legal Aid BC as part of our new brand, after being known as the Legal Services Society since 1979. The website you are on now reflects that change, and includes our new logo.

We completed the work of rebranding just before COVID-19 resulted in serious challenges for many British Columbians. After delaying the release of the new brand to make sure we continued to serve our clients during the pandemic, we are now sharing our new look.

“By calling ourselves Legal Aid BC we are making it easier for people to find our services,” said CEO Mark Benton. “Our research showed us that the Legal Services Society name was no longer associated with legal aid by many of the people we want to reach.”

Legal Aid BC is the non-profit organization that provides legal aid services to British Columbians under the Legal Services Society Act, and provides free lawyer services to approximately 120,000 people each year. Even more people use its easy-to-read publications and self-help websites.

To decide on the new logo and tagline, we made sure to get feedback from our client base and the people who work with them. The tagline: “Support when you need it,” reflects how the organization can assist British Columbians — it might be with a lawyer’s help in a courtroom, or with legal information in plain language, or legal advice from a lawyer over the phone, or through our self-help websites.

“We want British Columbians to know about all the ways we might be able to support them to resolve their legal problems,” Benton continued. “With a recognizable and consistent brand we are better able to do that.”

Legal Aid BC logo

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