Fairy Creek protest applications

Legal aid is available to financially qualified applicants facing contempt proceedings and those charged with criminal offences in relation to the Fairy Creek protests. Even if you don’t qualify for ongoing help from a lawyer, you may still benefit from speaking to a lawyer about your case for free.

If you want to apply with Legal Aid BC (LABC), please do so as soon as possible. We encourage you to apply by email. (See How to apply for legal aid below.)

Legal aid eligibility

To qualify for a lawyer to take your case on an ongoing basis, your net monthly household income must be below the amount for our financial guidelines. Please see Do I qualify for legal representation?

LABC also applies asset criteria. We may follow up with you to confirm your eligibility if you have significant assets.

If you have questions about your application, you may follow up with us (see contact numbers below).

If you qualify for legal aid

If you qualify for a lawyer to take your case, you'll be contacted by the lawyer who’ll assist you for the first stage of your case.

Then you'll receive advice from a lawyer for the duration of the proceeding, with an opportunity to review the evidence and get help on how to proceed. The nature and extent of your legal help will depend on the circumstances of your case.

If you don’t qualify for a lawyer to take your case

Even if you don't qualify for legal representation, Legal Aid BC can arrange to provide you with legal advice by phone. Apply for legal aid to be connected with this service.

How to apply for legal aid

Applications can be made by:

Email: onlineapplications@legalaid.bc.ca

Fax: 604-681-2719

Phone: 1-866-577-2525 (elsewhere in BC) or 604-408-2172 (Greater Vancouver)

In-person: Legal Aid BC locations

A fillable PDF version of the application form is available for download.

To apply for legal aid, please send the following information as completely and accurately as possible.

Client profile

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender (m/f/other)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
    • Third party contact: do you give us permission to speak with anyone else about your legal aid application? (If yes, please provide their name and contact information)
  • Aboriginal ancestry: do you identify as Metis, Inuit, or First Nations?
    • If yes, do you reside on or off reserve?

It’s important that you provide us with reliable contact information, even if you’ll need us to arrange third party contact

Financial assessment

  • How do you support yourself financially? Do you work or receive any form of income assistance?
    • If yes, please send us proof of income such as pay stub/bank statements for the past month
  • How much net income (after taxes) do you receive per month?
  • Do you have any assets? For example: car, cash savings, home, property, RRSPs.
    • If so, what is the value of each?
  • If you have no income or assets, how do you support yourself?
    • If you live with family or friends, please have them send us a letter of support as proof.

Offence information

  • What were you charged with, or what does the Notice of Application state?
  • When is your next court date?
  • Which court location?