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I need to file a form with the IRB. What about my deadline? How do I file? [October 29, 2020]

Refugee Protection Division (RPD)

If a claimant made a claim for refugee protection at a port of entry and their claim was referred to the RPD on or after August 29, 2020, the RPD temporarily extends the time limit for the claimant to provide their BOC form by 30 days from the date on which the BOC form would normally be due. Accordingly, the claimant's BOC form will be due 45 days after the day on which their claim was referred to the RPD.

For inland claims, you will be directed to file your BOC form by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), after you email them to initiate your claim (see “I am inside Canada and I want to claim refugee protection. How do I make my claim? [July 8]” below).

Fax the RPD at 604-666-3043.

Email the RPD at

For more about submitting documents to the RPD, see their website.

Refugee Appeal Division

Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) notices of appeal are now due 15 days after receiving written reasons from the RPD. Appeals must be perfected within 45 days from receiving the written reasons from the RPD.

Fax the RAD at 604-666-9870.

Email the RAD at

For more about submitting documents to the RAD, see their website.

Immigration Appeal Division

All Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) deadlines have now returned to normal. The IAD is scheduling all hearings virtually unless it is not appropriate for a specific case.

Fax the IAD at 604-666-3043.

Email the IAD at:

Immigration Division

For the Immigration Division (ID), detention reviews are being conducted by telephone. For non-detained cases, the ID will contact you or your lawyer to schedule a hearing. If you wish to have your hearing by video, please advise the ID when they contact you.

Will my refugee claim hearing with the IRB go ahead? [October 29, 2020]

The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) has resumed hearings. You or your lawyer will be contacted to schedule your hearing. When the RPD contacts you, in most cases you will have the option of having your hearing by video or in person. If you choose to have your hearing by video, there are a number of technical requirements that must be met. The RPD will inform you of these requirements.

My refugee claim was denied. Can I still appeal? [October 29, 2020]

If you lose your refugee claim, the time to file your notice of appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division is 15 days. The deadline to perfect your appeal has been extended from 30 to 45 days.

I’m a refugee who has stopped working because of COVID-19. Can I apply for benefits? [October 29, 2020]

Yes, if you live in Canada, even temporarily, you may be eligible to receive temporary income support from the federal government. To get more information in your own language about who is eligible and how to apply, see the Government of Canada website

I am inside Canada and I want to claim refugee protection. How do I make my claim? [July 8, 2020]

IRCC is no longer accepting in-person claims. If you'd like to make a refugee claim, please complete all forms in the application package online

Then email and let them know you want to make a claim. You'll receive an automatic reply to confirm they received your message. You'll also receive an email from Canada Post asking you to sign up for Canada Post’s epost Connect service. 

Once you've signed up, use epost Connect to send the completed forms to IRCC. If the application is complete IRCC will:

  • send you an Acknowledgment of Claim letter,
  • give you instructions to complete your immigration medical examination, and
  • schedule you for an interview.

More information can be found on IRCC’s website.

What about proceedings at the Federal Court? [June 29, 2020]

Please see the Federal Court of Canada website.

Do I still have to follow my CBSA reporting conditions? [April 14, 2020]

You must continue following your Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) reporting conditions, if you have them.


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