Surveys and evaluations

Legal Aid BC regularly surveys stakeholders for feedback about our programs and services. Stakeholders include the public, LABC clients, lawyers, and LABC staff. LABC also evaluates ongoing services and pilot projects to ensure they're fulfilling their objectives and meeting client needs.

The PDFs of these reports are listed below. To view a report older than six years, see our Archive.

Client Satisfaction Survey

A survey with LABC clients to gain a broader knowledge of the client experience accessing LABC programs and services.

Community Engagement

  • 2020 Community Dialogues Report – Feedback from community consultation with legal aid clients and service providers across BC regarding legal aid priorities.

Criminal Law Services

Everyday Legal Needs Survey

A survey of British Columbians with low incomes on the types of legal problems they are facing, how they are dealing with these legal problems, and how these legal problems affect their perceptions of the justice system in BC.   

2020 Everyday Legal Needs Survey

2018 Everyday Legal Needs Survey


Family Law & Child Protection Services

Indigenous Services

Lawyer Services

  • 2018 Local Lawyer Incentive Survey – Feedback from lawyers on the proposed lawyer incentive plan and suggestions for other incentives to encourage lawyers to take on more legal aid family and/or child protection contract.

Public Legal Education and Information

  • 2021 Achieving Digital Equity project – Legal Aid BC's Achieving Digital Equity (ADE) research project documented the barriers to accessing digital legal resources faced by many people across BC. The study explored digital equity challenges, how many are affected, and what can be done to ensure people can access the legal help they need, even if they can’t go online.

  • 2019 Online Training for Community-Based Intermediaries: Survey Findings and Implications – Feedback from community workers and other helping professionals about their online training needs and preferences with conclusions and recommended next steps.

  • 2019 Indigenous Public Legal Education and Information: Final Report and Recommendations – A consultation identifying the need for public legal education and information (PLEI) materials in Indigenous communities, with recommendations on various ways LSS can meet the needs of clients from Indigenous communities and improve their access to justice by making Indigenous PLEI more accessible.

  • 2019 MyLawBC Evaluation Report – Assess the efficacy of MyLawBC in terms of reaching target audiences, providing an accessible legal resource to users, providing users with needed legal information, and helping users resolve their legal issues.

  • 2019 MyLawBC: Understanding Outcomes – Investigating the effectiveness of MyLawBC by examining the user journey and what appropriate benchmarks would be for users who complete visits to the MyLawBC website.

  • 2018 Needs Assessment: PLEI in Languages Other Than English – Review of the legal information needs of B.C.’s English as an Additional Language (EAL) speakers to identify gaps and to determine areas of improvement in the presentation and distribution of legal information to these communities.

  • 2017 User Testing: In-Person vs. Using – Assessment of strengths and limitations of and comparing against the findings and experiences resulting from in-person testing of MyLawBC.

  • 2017 User Testing for MyLawBC and Family Law Website Video Project – In-person user testing of MyLawBC as well as LABC’s Supreme Court family trial videos.

Public Opinion Poll

A province wide survey with BC residents to understand the awareness, knowledge, and attitudes around legal aid in BC.

Tariff Lawyer Survey

A survey of legal aid lawyers on their satisfaction with the supports LABC providers to lawyers taking legal aid contracts.