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Improving access to justice with the Triple Aim

June 14, 2019
The Legal Services Society (LSS) is pleased to join Attorney General David Eby, QC, Access to Justice BC, and 50 other organizations in endorsing a commitment to improving BC’s justice system.

New legal aid service offers early resolution for criminal cases

May 15, 2019
We've launched a new province-wide criminal law service to help people who wouldn’t normally qualify for legal aid.

Lawyer withdrawal of legal aid services averted

March 29, 2019
Lawyers who do legal aid have voted to accept a bargaining incentive payment that ends scheduled work stoppage.

The Legal Services Society prepares for the possible withdrawal of lawyer services

March 21, 2019
Lawyers who do legal aid have voted in favour of withdrawing their services April 1. People who need legal aid can expect delays if that should happen.

A strategy for reconciliation

March 11, 2019
The Legal Services Society announces its new Reconciliation Action Plan to advance reconciliation and ensure legal aid services better meet the needs of Indigenous peoples.