Criminal law: New jury selection procedures

The Supreme Court of BC will recommence jury selections starting September 8, 2020, prompting the need for new procedures.
Lawyer in court.

These procedures will require counsel to attend on more than one day to complete jury selection. LABC recognizes that the tariff should compensate counsel for these extra appearances. 

Cases that are funded under Criminal Case Management will be able to bill the extra time as court attendance, but the block tariff does not directly compensate for jury selection. Our records show that there are very few block fee cases that involve jury trials. It is not feasible to rebuild the block tariff to cover these few cases. We encourage counsel to request extra preparation or extra fees when they select a jury on a block fee case. LABC will compensate counsel for actual attendance time for jury selection at your applicable hourly rate.

Please see Notice to the Profession COVID-19 Notice No. 38 for more details about the new procedures.