Lawyer Initiated Applications for Clients with Criminal Matters 

Lawyer Initiated Applications for Clients with Criminal Matters 

We are pleased to share some news at LABC that will enhance the client and lawyer experience for criminal matters. As many of you have already been doing by email, you will now be able to apply for legal aid via the Lawyer Portal on behalf of your existing clients with criminal matters.

This new feature will greatly reduce application processing time for your clients, and often, you will receive a contract and be able to bill for services provided to your clients immediately. It will also allow you to apply on behalf of your clients that may face barriers to contacting Intake on their own.

What’s new?

Beginning today, if you have selected the criminal area of law on your profile, you will see a new tab on the main menu of the Lawyer Portal called Client Applications. Once you click on Client Applications you will be able to search your existing clients and will be taken through a simple 3-step application form.

This new application process is an optional feature, and as always, clients can apply for legal aid through the call centre or at a legal aid office. However, we would encourage you to try it as we think you will find it to be a huge benefit for you and your clients in many circumstances.

Detailed information and a step-by-step “how to” guide for the new Client Applications function is available in the resources section of the Lawyer Portal.

Please also see the FAQs here: LICA FAQs.pdf

As always, we look forward to any feedback you have.

If you have any questions or require any assistance using this new feature, please email