This month’s legal aid updates

Legal Aid BC

As announced in November, a three-year agreement was reached between the BC Government, Legal Aid BC, and the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers (ALL). More detailed information from LABC was sent in a separate Notice to Counsel on April 3, 2023, however we wanted to highlight that effective April 1, 2023, lawyers will be receiving an increase to the tariff rates, which includes: 

  • A 6.75% increase across the board, which is the maximum inflationary increase under the Agreement. 

  • Increases to meterage, meals and medical legal rates. 

The updated tariff rates will be applied automatically to any items billed with service dates on or after April 1, 2023. 

This month’s Legal Aid Brief also includes information about the new versions of the Tax Matters Toolkits and job postings for family duty counsel in the Bella Bella Circuit Court and a staff lawyer in Surrey. 

And finally, we’d love to get your take on the LAB. We’re including a survey for you tell us how to best share information with you. Please participate if you have a moment. 

Thank you again for all the work that you do for our clients at LABC!