Notice to Counsel #117 clarification

As a result of feedback received in response to Notice to Counsel #117, Legal Aid BC would like to clarify the change to General Terms and Conditions #49 and the requirement that counsel must first inform LABC of their intent to remove their services via an authorization request.
Bell reminder

We acknowledge it is not always possible to advise LABC of your intent to withdraw first, in which case, you should inform us as soon as practicable.

The intent of the change to the General Terms and Conditions #49 is to ensure a fair process for clients and enable LABC to effectively administer the changes internally by way of a change of counsel authorization request.

Through this process, we are not necessarily authorizing if counsel can withdraw but we are considering whether to assign the client a new lawyer. In appropriate circumstances (e.g. where withdrawal is not due to a conflict of interest, professional or ethical reasons), LABC will consider whether it could help facilitate repair of the lawyer-client relationship. By informing us as soon as possible, we can ensure the change of counsel is appropriately managed. 

As always, we welcome your feedback regarding the LABC tariffs. If you have any further comments, please email