Electronic Supervision TSR Request Form reminder

TSR form

We would like to share a reminder of the importance of completing the Electronic Supervision Technical Suitability Report (TSR) Request Form when a TSR is requested, and that when you appear as counsel and a TSR is ordered by the Judge, this is considered billable as a half-day bail fee.

A consistent complaint from Community Corrections at the meetings has been the late forwarding of the TSR form that the defence counsel is responsible for filling out with the address and contact information for the proposed residence. 

Sometimes, the forms are filed late or not at all, and when filed, the information is sometimes incomplete or inaccurate. Most of the requests are coming out of virtual bail court, so there is no clerk to pass counsel the form. 

To help correct this issue, it is important for defence to complete and then fill out the form as soon as possible with the home registry so that it can be sent to the Community Corrections.