New Lawyer Portal update released

Legal Aid BC is continuing to make improvements to the Lawyer Portal, with a focus on enhancing the system speed. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates that will improve invoices and the overall performance of the portal. Read about the latest Lawyer Portal updates below. 
Person viewing Lawyer Portal website on laptop

Authorization form comments 

A new window has been added to the comments section of authorization forms to make reading and editing comments more accessible. 

Click on the view or edit icon, or date of the comment to bring up the comment window which allows you to read comments, or if it’s your own comment, you can edit it. You can also copy and paste the comment from the window if needed.  

Lawyer Portal authorization form comment window


Reminder to click “Submit” 

It’s easy to forget to submit authorization forms back to LABC for further processing after a request for more information was made.  

Please remember to press Submit on the bottom of the authorization form once you have saved your comment/replies to comments, so the form is sent back to LABC. 

A new reminder message has been added under the Comments section of the authorization form and in the new comment window.  

Lawyer Portal authorization form comment reminder

The reminders are also placed in the new/edit comment box as well: 

Lawyer Portal authorization form reminder

If you have feedback about the Lawyer Portal, please email Lawyer Support at