Upcoming tariff updates

Your tariff rates will increase for services performed on/after April 1, 2020, as set out in the agreement between the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers and the Ministry of Attorney General.
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We will also be making the following tariff and invoicing changes, effective April 1, 2020, to support billing processes based on service date:

  • The current “certification” box where you indicate whether services occurred before or after November 4, 2019, will be removed.
  • LSS Online will calculate the rate payable to you based on the service dates you provide.
  • When invoicing, you must provide service dates for all hourly tariff preparation items to determine the applicable tariff rate. For hourly preparation items, you must provide hours spent per service month. For example, if you are billing for preparation time during October, January and February on one invoice, you would bill them as separate line items and show the hours for each month. This will apply to all new and draft invoices.
  • All timekeeping records attached to invoices must be typed. You may continue to use your own digital timesheet, timekeeping software, or you may use our new fillable timesheet.
  • Tiered rates, like service dates, will be paid based on when you provided the service (currently tiered rates are based on the date the contract was issued and your call date).

Further details will be provided by April 1, 2020.