Family advice lawyers

COVID-19 NOTICE: Family advice lawyer services are only offered by phone at this time.

If you're a parent with a low income and going through a separation or divorce, you may be eligible for up to three hours of free legal advice from a family advice lawyer. You may be able to get help even if you don't qualify for a legal aid lawyer.

Family advice lawyers can provide advice about:

  • parenting time or contact,
  • guardianshipparenting time,
  • child support,
  • spousal support,
  • property division (limited advice),
  • agreements,
  • child protection, and
  • court procedures.

If your income is higher than our financial guideline limits for legal advice services, you may still receive:

  • up to one hour of advice from a family advice lawyer if you're in mediation and have received a referral through the family justice counsellors.

Where can I find family advice lawyers?

Family advice lawyers are available at the following locations.

COVID-19 NOTICE: Family Justice Centres and Justice Access Centres are only providing telephone and videoconferencing services at this time. Lawyers aren't available at these locations. For Family Justice Centre contact information, see this list.

  • Family Justice Centres in:
    • Kamloops,
    • Kelowna,
    • New Westminster, and
    • Prince George.
  • Justice Access Centres in:

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